Fuquay Transportation

Fuquay Varina's Own Transportation Service


Fuquay Cars, LLC
DBA Fuquay Transportation

Providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation service to FuquayVarina and all of Wake County.  Our Services include 
long distance rides specializing in Airport Transportation from your home 24/7 and Local Transporation to anywhere someone needs to go.  We are locally owned and family operated focused on the highest levels of customer satisfication.

Adolfo Lunardi


Originally from New York, owner Adolfo Lunardi, relocated to Fuquay Varina, North Carolina in 2007 with his family in the hopes of finding a better place for his children to grow up.  He immediately fell in love with the town of Fuquay Varina for its "small town charm," friendly people, and family atmosphere.   Adolfo has been actively involved in the community doing charity work and fundraisers for the local Food Pantry, MMIA, an active member of St. Bernadette's Knights of Columbus,  and an active member in charge of Spirit Nights for the Banks Road PTA for at least 6 years.  He is happy to call Fuquay-Varina his home.

After just a couple of years, Adolfo realized the challenge for many residents in Fuquay Varina and the surrounding towns in Wake County.  The town did not have transportation service opportunities like in some of the neighboring towns.  Friends who didn't drive or did not have a car often asked him to give them a ride to and from work.  His mother-in-law, who recently moved here, heavily relied on public transportation service in New York and struggled to maintain her independence here because of the lack of car service.  Because of these reasons and with the continued growth happening here, Adolfo was on a mission to do something to help improve the quality of life in his community for so many who are faced with this situation on a daily basis.  After much research, comparing taxi service to privately owned car service, he decided to open Fuquay Cars, LLC, DBA Fuquay Transportation, a privately owned, local transportation service.

Together with his beautiful wife Laura, they continue to successfully grow a much needed local transportation business. 

Why use us instead of other taxi service or ridesharing/car service companies?

Customer Service:
  • Drivers will assist passengers as needed. This includes greeting at the door, opening the door, and even staying with a passenger if requested.
  • Passengers can rate drivers on our app.
  • Don't have the app?  No worries.  We can be reached via phone, text, Facebook, or email. Customers are encouraged to communicate any feedback about drivers or service.   We take it seriously.
  • We play an active role in call customers to ask about their experience.

  • We are reachable! Call, text, message on Facebook, app, website, or email.  Someone will always either answer or get back to you!
  • We call to confirm pre-arranged rides.
  • Our app sends email confirmations and receipts.
  • We will communicate when challenges arise with getting to a passenger's pick up on time or when we are over booked.

  • We have a vested interest so we will make sure a driver is there.
  • We will never accept and then cancel a ride because another bigger paying ride comes along.
  • This town is our home and want to be of service to the community.

  1. Background checks on all drivers are required.
  2. Drivers must have a clean record with at least five years driving experience.
  3. Drivers are personally interviewed to ensure they are someone we would trust with our own children.
  4. We ride with the drivers during training to ensure they drive well.
  5. Vehicles are inspected and maintained regularly.
  6. We are registered and properly insured according to state regulations.
  7. We have business liability insurance that also covers the transportation of minors. 

  • Need Airport Transportation?  Have an early morning/late night flight?  Local Transportation?  Late night out?  No problem. Pre-arrange with us as early as you want in order to ensure a driver will be there.  
  • If drivers get backed up with rides, someone else including the owners step up to get to the requested rides.

  • Local rides (2.5 miles and under) cost less than UBER and LYFT.  No choice here.
  • While longer rides may be more costly than other companies, our prices are made public and are set - customers always know the cost. There are no surprises or surge times.  And we are local!
  • Multiple ways to pay - cash, credit, debit.  You can store a card on the app or pay the driver with a card at the end of the ride.
  • Stuck in traffic?  Fares are based on miles and not time.  
  • Standard 10% discount always applies for seniors, veterans, active military, and public service employees (does not apply to Fuquay Kids).
  • Other discounts are also offered such as first time riders, frequent riders, and special promotions. 

Why would you want to use any other transportation service when you have a 5* rated local transportation service in Fuquay Varina?

What are our customers saying?

Very professional from the time you contact them for an appointment to the delivery of your appointment. Would highly recommend them over many others that appear to be good. Try them, you will not regret it.

Best service I have ever had. Always on time.I need to be where I go on time they make this happen.Great conversation. I feel like I am being picked up by family.

Excellent service. On time. Needed a car service to airport at 2:30am and the car arrived on- time and without issue. My return flight was canceled and then delayed, the company adjusted their pickup schedule to accommodate my flight multiple flight delays. 

I highly recommend using Fuquay Transportation. The communicate to you where you are whether it's Text, Email, Phone or there App, there attention to customer service is amazing. I used them multiple times to and from RDU, even super early AM flight, they where early. You can book with confidence they will show up. 

We are a trustworthy, local transportation service who has a

vested interest in the safety and well-being of this community.